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Re: Auction Profit Pack #8 This Simple eBay Business Nets Hundreds Of Dollars A Month.

eBay is a brilliant place to shop BUT it's an even better place to sell IF you have the right product. It is one of the worlds biggest shop windows. But what stops most people from trading there is the risk that the products they buy will simply not sell. Often that risk factor is what stops people from building their own profitable business on eBay. 

We All Know The Problem With Selling You Have To Find A Profitable Product.

As you will know the main problem in selling physical products in any niche is the investment in stock. Often there is a minimum buy and this can amount to $100, often more with no guarantee that you will re-coupe your investment. That is a BIG RISK and for many that kill’s the business STONE DEAD… And you have to keep spending out to replenish the stock.

But, there are other ways to trade, much better than doing days of research in the hope that you can find a product that you can sell at a profit. That is to copy what someone else is doing, or more accurately, why not have someone give you the product, the description and the product images on a plate? 

Now What If Someone Gave You Just That, The Complete Product For You To Sell & Keep 100% Of The Profit From. How Good Would That Be? So...


5 HOT Selling Graphics Software Projects That Sell Like Gangbusters! Completely Done For You...

You simply copy and paste a done for you description, add the images that also came with the software and list the complete software for sale on eBay in 5 minutes or less.

If all of this was done for you, why would you be interested finding your own software? Writing the description? Paying to host images in the main body of the listing?

Now to be blunt this only makes me a few hundred dollars each month for less than 30 minutes work every couple of days. But there are some sellers on eBay literally making thousands of dollars from EXACTLY the same business that I am running. Here is how it works...

Its all completely legal and ethical. These are in demand products and they sell like gangbusters… You can if you wish sell commercial software from Microsoft or Adobe but the margins are razor thin or none existent and let face it its too much like hard work. With this system you get to  keep 100% of the profits for yourself!

Start Building A Portfolio Of Profitable Products,
With All The Hard Work Already Done For You!

So How Well Does It Work? Just Take A Look!

Not Bad For Business That Takes Less Than 30 Minutes Every Few Days To Run.

The great thing about this business is that all the hard work has been done for you. Just imagine the difference several hundred dollars a month could make to your lifestyle and not having to do much in the way of work to generate it.

In This Complete Profit Pack You Will Get:

  • 1

    5 HOT Selling Software Products

    You will get 5 completley tried and tested best selling softwares that are making money on eBay Right NOW!

  • 2

    The Complete Listing For Each Software DONE FOR YOU!

    I have written and tested all the descriptions simply copy the code provided and paste it into the listings window, set your price and you are good to go, complete a listing in under 5 minutes!

  • 3

    All Graphics Included And ALL Images Are Hosted For You At No Cost!

    I provide you with all the product graphics and screen grabs of the software in action, NO hosting fees ever!

  • 4

    All Training Provided On Video

    Not that you will need much training, it really is Copy, Paste & Profit... It's that simple.

  • 5

    An Exclusive Bonus CD Template For You To Deliver The Software

    I have had made an exclusive template for buyers of my Software Profit Packs, impress your customers and make further software sales using this great template. Don't worry about using it, if you can use a word processor you can do this. And yes I give you the training video to watch over my shoulder as I do this myself.

All Of My Training Presented In Easy To Follow
Step By Step Videos

Follow my step by step video training where I take you by the hand and show you how to list the products included on eBay, author the CD-DVD template to give the customer an excellent buyer experience. And then how to generate further sales of your other software products. Nothing is left out simple watch and apply what you see in the training videos.

Plus I Have Added Some Exclusive Bonuses!!

An Exclusive CD/DVD Authoring Template To Deliver Your Software Sales

An EXCLUSIVE CD-DVD for my members for you to deliver your software content to your customers. Follow the instructions in the training videos to show you how you can make even more sales for the initial purchase and build a buyers list that will buy from you time and time again.

Access To The Members Only Facebook Group

Access to the members only Facebook group specifically set up for eBayer to help you exchange idea and to build your business in the company to friends and fellow entrepreneurs.

Here's What You Get When You Buy Today:

  • Access To Your Complete Done For You System For Profiting From Software

    Access to all the techniques and systems that I use to run my own eBay Software Business. Included are five done for you projects, just list them on eBay and start profiting.

  • Access To The Profits Platoon Exclusive Facebook Group

    Access To The Profits Platoon Exclusive Facebook Group, a vibrant group of eBay entrepreneurs who share tips and ideas on profiting from one of the biggest shop windows in world.

  • Access To All The Tools That I Have Developed To Help Me Run This Business

    All the tools and templates that I have developed over the years plus ones that I have had specially produced for the software profits pack.

  • Access To All My Bonuses

    Immediate access to all my bonuses and other resources to get you started straight away. It took me months to learn some of this stuff and you get all of this as part of my comprehensive training.

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